Crossfit Group Classes

Feel the energy of working out in our group classes! This is the bread and butter of the services we provide. Our group classes are all coach-led workouts that will include a spicy warm-up, gritty strength training component, and fiery conditioning to tackle all facets of your athleticism.


Personal Training + SPorts Performance

Work one-on-one with a certified coach to achieve and surpass your personal fitness goals in a more personal setting. Our sports performance program is used to empower you or your athlete’s performance by utilizing tried and true strength training and speed work to create powerful athletes.


Body Composition Analysis

See what you are made of with the InBody 270, our medical-grade body-composition analyzer. This scan will illustrate your current levels of lean muscle and body fat so you can accurately assess changes in body composition and any muscular imbalances.

This service is free for our members and included with the 6 Week Challenge, but it is available to non-members for $35 per use.